Why is the finance function so slow to change?

The last 30 years have seen tremendous changes in the ways we live and work, with the vast majority driven by the development of technology. From smartphones to digital TV and from e-commerce to online banking, its reach and power has been undeniable; in fact, it is sobering to realise that today’s millennials simply will not remember life before everyday technology – it is only those over 35 who will remember using a pen and paper at school, playing Pac-Man,...

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What are the most sought-after roles in operations transformation?

A new study by global information services group Experian has investigated the most sought-after business roles in the field of operations transformation. The study, which was carried out within the context of today’s digital transformation programme, recognised that although businesses want to serve their customers more effectively, they often lack the necessary skills, technology and processes to achieve this aim. This is particularly the case when data management, ownership and leverage for analytics and business decision making is involved. The...

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UK’s business leaders lack the confidence to embrace business transformation

A new study sponsored by Cornerstone OnDemand has discovered that HR and business leaders in the UK are less confident in developing digital transformation strategies than their contemporaries in Europe. Most organisations are looking at how they can employ digital technologies and business models to re-engineer their operations; however, few companies in the UK feel that they have achieved best-in-class status. The research, which was carried out by IDC, found that the most confident nations for digital transformation were Sweden,...

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Three things you must do to enjoy digital transformation success

If your business is serious about embedding a successful digital transformation programme, new research has flagged three things you must do to enjoy success. A study carried out by Alfresco and Forbes Insights has shown that the right approach can leverage digital assets to improve business productivity, organisational capability and overall customer engagement – if three key skillsets are employed. The consultants surveyed over 300 senior IT executives working across a range of industries and found that there were three...

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The four finance priorities for successful digital transformation

Whilst digital transformation offers powerful benefits to organisations that adopt its constant mantra of change as a strategy, the requisite financial investment can be challenging to secure. Digital transformation offers vast opportunity to improve functional performance, deliver better business, drive down costs and delight customers, but most finance teams are struggling with constrained budgets. As a result, most businesses are still only dabbling in digital investment; however, they risk falling behind the competition if they do not make strides to...

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